优乐彩彩票平台 Diamond grinding shoe can be also called diamond grinding segment, even some people call it diamond segment.

优乐彩彩票平台 As a leading and professional diamond grinding shoes supplier, ChinShine has rich experience in making various diamond grinding shoes for grinding and removing of concrete, coatings(paints, glue, expoxy,adhesive), terrazzo or stone. The concrtete could be soft, new, loose, porous or hard. There are several types of diamond grinding shoes that we can supply, customer customized service is acceptable.

优乐彩彩票平台 The highest level of diamond, cobalt and metal powder are used to produce diamond segments on all grinding shoes.

Diamond segment shapes优乐彩彩票平台: Round, Rectangle, Arrow,Ovale,Rhombus,turbo, Hexagon, Coffin, and PCD tips.

Attach Method: Trapezoid, magnetic, redi-lock, easy change(EZ), Screw (Bolt on)

Floor Machine: Husqvarna, EDCO, HTC, Lavina, Werkmaster, Scanmaskin, Terrco, ASL, Shwambourne,  Levetec, etc.

The advantages of ChinShine diamond grinding shoe:

优乐彩彩票平台 1. Any shapes of the diamond grinding shoes are available;

2. The best quality diamonds are used for production;

3. The sharpness and life is 1.5 times better than other Chinese suppliers;

优乐彩彩票平台 4. The segment bond/formula, sharpness and lifespan are adjustable according to customers' requirement;

5. High cost-effective, 10 years experience on concrete grinding industry;

优乐彩彩票平台 6. Professional suggestions from experts.

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