优乐彩彩票平台 ChinShine makes a series of diamond bush hammer tools for natural stone and concrete floor surface fabricating, such as diamond bush hammer plate, bush hammer rollers, Frankfurt bush hammer pads,vacuum brazed carbide bush hammer, and more. Bush hammer tools can create slip resistant finishing on granite and marble, breaking down coatings where traditional diamond tools can't reach, prepares surface for application of thin-set overlay. The repeated hit of carbide tips into stone or concrete surface create a rough, pockmarked texture that looks like naturally weathered rock.

Bush hammer plates are installed in hand grinder machine or auto grinding machine. We adopted the sophisticated welding technology and quality steel base. Our bush hammer tools is scroll-able and highly efficient.

The bush hammer rollers, bearing, plates and other spare parts are available.  We are able to make all styles and specifications for the roller starts form 125mm to 700mm. The quantity of carbide tips on each roller can be customized as well.

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