Three Paint cans are opened, showing bright colours. A phone and Nix Mini sit beside the paint cans. The paint colours match the suggested matches from the Nix Mini app.

Nix Mini Color Sensor

Grab the color of anything around you with the Nix Mini. Match to paints, discover color harmonies,  or find digital color values in seconds. With more than 30,000+ colors and counting, the Nix Mini Color Sensor will give you an eye for color.

A Nix Pro scans a pink surface and a phone displays the results. An open fan deck is also open to its pink section, showing the difficulty of finding a match this way.

Nix Pro Color Sensor

Built for the color professionals looking to step up their game. The Nix Pro will optimize your color measurement protocol and save your business both time and money. Jam-packed with advanced options and tools, you’ll never need a swatch book again.

Codename: Spectro 2.0


Scan any surface like painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, dyes – you name it!


Save your favorite colors to the Nix Apps for future reference.


Share colors with your customers and colleagues via social media or email.

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Paint Project Set-Up

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Comparing the size of the Nix Mini and Pro

Which Nix is right for me?

Not quite sure of which device is best for your use case? Wondering what each has to offer? We’re here to help answer your questions! Take a look at our comparison page to find out which Nix sensor is the best match for you.

Custom Solutions

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing custom color quality control programs that fit with our clients’ existing workflows. We offer a wide range of solutions that support our clients in various industries around the world.